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BB Gun vs. Airsoft Gun: Learn the Difference

If you are thinking to team up and play airsoft Toronto, with a BB gun then halt right there. Many of you assume that BB guns are the same as airsoft ones. However, enlighten yourself and understand that the two are completely different.

So, before making a fool out of you, go through this blog, and learn the noticeable difference between the two.

Airsoft Gun vs. BB Gun

  1. Airsoft Gun – History

Airsoft guns trace their history back to Japan. Back in the 1970s, Japan had strict laws regarding the shooting. So, shooter enthusiast to conform to Japan’s rules, yet enjoy their favorite sport began producing airsoft guns. These guns would propel out green gas initially and hit targets as a means of thwarting them.

Initially, these guns were used for target shooting, but soon, people found that these do not harm humans. Thus, these airsoft guns began to be produced on a mass scale for war training and gaming purposes. By the late 19th century, this gun traveled overseas, and numerous teens embraced airsoft Toronto and other locations.

  1. BB Gun- History

Made from pieces of metal here and there, and mostly crafted out of maple wood, the BB gun was born in 1886. These guns used short gun pellets of 0.180 inches and soon started imbibing air gun mechanisms to develop into handy pistols.

By 1888 BB guns gained popularity and were sold like hot cakes, for hunting, target training, etc.

Now, Coming to the Difference:

In Terms of Uses

Airsoft guns are mostly designed for the purpose of Mil-Sim games. For example, let’s say you have an airsoft Toronto tournament. Then this would include your team to be placed in a strategic location, where you must work with your team members to eliminate the opponent team.

Apart from gaming, airsoft guns are also tools for the SWAT teams to practice target shooting.

On the other hand, a BB gun is mostly used for training or target practices. Stronger ones are also used when it comes to hunting small games like birds.


One of the major differences between Airsoft Guns and BB guns is the type of ammunition used. Your airsoft Toronto mostly use ammunition made of a plastic projectile. This is why these are safer when it comes to targeting practice and game.

On the other hand, BB guns use lead BBs or small metals which make these guns deadly. These might hurt people if used for recreational purpose.


Airsoft guns are based on aesthetics and hence, almost resemble the look and feel of real guns. However, BB guns do not resemble real guns as much. However, compared to airsoft guns BB guns offer high-grade performance and can even kill smaller prey or two.


The price difference between Airsoft and BB guns are more or less the same and depend on the dealer. A basic airsoft gun is priced between $12.99 to $50, while good ones can cost as much as $2,000 or more.

Similarly, a generic BB gun can cost as low as $12.99, but the best ones come at a price of $3,000 and more.

Well, there you go, now that you know the differences, pick the right gun for your airsoft Toronto game and win with pride.