Supplying Sound Suppressors to Canadian and Foreign Military Units, Municipal, Provincial and National Law Enforcement Agencies, Wildlife Conservation Agencies, Defence Contractors and Homeland Security Services.




Canadian Tactical carries a full line of BR-Tuote, Oceania Defence, Ase Utra, Brugger & Thomet, SAK, Silentum and many other items.

Based in Finland BR-Tuote and Ase Utra are some of the largest manufacturers of firearm suppressors in the world; with suppressors serving in the armies of many NATO countries. Many BR and AU suppressors have NATO stock numbers.



* Note: Within Canada suppressors may only be purchased by Federal, Provincial and Municiple Government Agencies. We DO NOT sell suppressors to individuals so don't ask.


** USA: Only Federal and Public agencies may import suppressors directly with a letter of request. Contact us for more details. Note: Individuals may NOT import suppressors into the USA unless they hold a Class 1, 2 or 3 FFL.


 New: We are happy to announce Canadian Tactical is now the Western Canadian distributor for McMillan Rifles, including the TAC 50 currently in use by the Canadian Forces. The big TAC 50, shown here, with the BR Tuote T8M50BMG Reflex Suppressor is the ultimate long range rifle. Canadian Tactical can supply any of the McMillan line of rifles.




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 McMillan Bros

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Clive Law's book includes .50 caliber Reflex Suppressor on pg 79

Cantac does not maintain a large inventory of suppressors in Canada but can offer any of the products listed on the BR-Tuote and Ase Utra websites.

Delivery times are usually 12-16 weeks for off-the-shelf orders not in stock in Canada. Stocked items can be delivered within 1-2 weeks.






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