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Reflex Suppressor: Single Point Muzzle Mount

BR-Tuote also produces a line of muzzle mounted suppressors for weapons without any protruding barrel like the MP5, or very short barreled (11″ and 7″) AR15 variants. Mounts for the HK Tri-lock or factory muzzle threading are available. Made entirely…

Quick Detach Mount – BR Tuote

The BR-Tuote QD Mount offers a solution to users who wish to maintain the factory flash-hider on the weapon. This QD Mount does not require any modifications to the weapon nor the fitting of an expensive, specially machined, flash-hider. The…

Muzzle thread and spigot details

The usual reflex suppressor muzzle thread and spigot detail is a metric thread (M14x1, M15x1, M17x1 or M18x1) with a long cylindrical “spigot” (F) and a relief cut (G) between the thread (H) and the shoulder (E) – see drawing….

Suppressor Mounted Length

Mounted length is the length by which a suppressor increases the length of a weapon when mounted. Most muzzle mounted suppressors increase the overall length of a weapon by 8-14 inches. What is the point of having a short barreled…

Reflex Suppressor: Two Point Mount

Unlike a conventional muzzle mounted sound suppressor which is fixed and aligned to the barrel only by a small thread and thread shoulder (single point mount), Reflex Suppressors are aligned at two points on the barrel nearly 8 inches apart….