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Rico fires C9 machine gun with AU CQB Z-Jet
Rob with SA80 & T8
Rock McMillan tries out the .30 cal Z-Jet Dual
M4 with 11" barrel, RAS, EO Tech sight & GG&G irons.
BR suppressors at 2002 Sniper Concentration.
  AU CQB Z-Jet after 90 rounds full-auto
AU Compact SP 9mm suppressor
Peter testing T8 on full-auto M4 carbine
Lt. Ken Ferguson 7 times winner of the Queen's Medal
11" M4 - AU CQB 14" M4 - BR T8ARM4C
BR-Tuote T8 Scout
BR-Tuote T8 ARM4C
SAK .22 Suppressor
AU Z-Jet Dual
Colt 9mm with AU CQB
AUG with BR T8 Scout
C6/Mag 58 w Z-Jet Dual
Ruger 10-22 w SAK suppressor
C9 Minimi BR T4 Reflex
Z-Jet Dual competes at 2002 Intl Sniper Competition in Ft. Benning
  Sig P226 with MG16 MiniReflex Moderator
  McMillan 50 w BRT8M suppressor
  Z-Jet Dual on AMP DSR rifle
  R12CAR 5.56mm Reflex on PDW
  R16MP5 Reflex Suppressor
Z-Jet .22 Rimfire
  T8 5.56 Suppressor on Sig 552
  Al Paulson tries out a .30 cal T8
  Al Paulson records sound data for Cantac suppressors.
  Table full of suppressors and guns waiting to be sound tested.
New AU Z-Jet CQB QM 5.56 Suppressor
Custom 300 Whisper with T8 Reflex Suppressor
  Beretta Storm with custom .45 cal suppressor
Ruger Police Carbine with custom .40 cal suppressor
  Congratulations to Cantac staffer Rico Laidler (left) for winning the 2004 BC Sniper Championships as Top Police Sniper and top Law Enforcement Sniper Team with team-mate Officer H. Helgason.


  Z-Jet suppressed C9 Minimi machine gun.






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