Reflex Suppressor - T8 ARM4C
Reflex Suppressor - T8/T8M Scout
Muzzle Reflex Suppressor - R16MP5
Reflex Suppressor - T8M 338 Lapua
Reflex Suppressor - T8M .50 BMG
Muzzle Reflex Suppressor - R12CAR


Ase Utra
Z-Jet CQB QM (5.56mm)
Z-Jet CQB SP (5.56mm)
Z-Jet Compact SP 9mm
Z-Jet Dual (7.62mm)
Z-Jet Dual (.338 cal)
Z-Jet .22 Rimfire (Handgun or Rifle)
Z-Jet Dual (C6 / Mag 58)

Ase Utra

.22 Rimfire Suppressor for handgun or rifle
QD Bayonet Mount for rimfire handguns
Shooter's Tool




  Looking for Tactical Law Enforcement & Military grade gear? Our colleagues Tactical Solutions Canada Inc. can outfit all your needs.

 Suppressor Mirage/Heat Cover

Custom made for Canadian Tactical and proudly made in Canada. Heat resistant construction allows extended shooting without mirage being created off the hot suppressor to interfere with long range optics. Available in reversible Cadpat and Olive Drab to fit both the Z-Jet, Reflex and .50 cal Reflex suppressors.


Suppressor Pouch

Custom made for Canadian Tactical, these handy suppressor pouches are sized to fit any of the Z-Jet Suppressors. Modular and about half the size of an M16 / C7 mag pouch, they can be attached to almost any piece of gear. Only available in Cadpat at this time. Call for other patterns.


Attach Night Vision to Rifle Scopes, Spotting Scopes and other optical equipment with no modifications. In use by the Canadian Forces and US military.


 Replacement Plastic or Brass Bushing for Reflex Suppressors

Swap your Reflex Suppressor from one rifle to another simply by replacing this bushing.


 Bushing Centering Jig - lathe

Used for reaming out replacement bushings for Reflex Suppressors. This jig makes the bushing easy to hold in a lathe for accurate, properly centered results.

 Oils & Coolants

Suppressor maintenance is very important to prevent corrosion to both the suppressor and the host weapon from nitric acid products of gunpowder combustion. This page contains information on maintenance, cleaning as well as the use of modified atmospheres and coolants.

Cantac does not maintain a large inventory of suppressors in Canada but can offer any of the products listed on the BR-Tuote and Ase Utra websites.

Delivery times are usually 12-16 weeks for off-the-shelf orders not in stock in Canada. Stocked items can be delivered within 1-2 weeks.






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